MW8.5RA RULES 2018

New 5.50 ET class

Breakout not allowed..

1st round losers in main class can drop to 5.50 class as they run second round of eliminations.

$200 winner via Tile and Stone Warehouse $100 runner up and $50 for semis.

Only rules for 5.50 is 26x8.5" or 235 radial tire of any type, Door cars only no throttle stops.

(*** indicates change made from previous rule set)


***No restrictions on Small Block Nitrous. -6 line, trash can fogger and sheet metal intake allowed.

***-100 Big block under 525"

***-100lbs for cast wheel turbos

***2nd Chance race will have ½ the points per round that the regular race has

***If car is 5.00 or quicker during 2018 +100lbs to base weight

***If BBN or Boosted car is 5.10 or quicker no “extra” weight breaks allowed must run at base weight. No leaf spring no SVA no Mickey slick weight break. Ect ect

***Some front end tolerance allowed on classic cars message for details

***All cars must have title 2018 series sticker on car to earn winnings <sticker will be series name and title sponsor>


This is an 1/8th mile heads-up class run on a .400 pro tree with a pro ladder.
Class is designed for rear wheel drive small block and big block vehicles with single stage plate systems, boosted small blocks and naturally aspirated small/big blocks.

All NHRA/IHRA and local track safety rules apply for driver and car.

26x8.5 slicks or 235 radial- May have Mickey Thompson (3052) ET Street 235 Radial (3752R)  or Hoosier (18115C11) only.

The car must retain its original appearance, profiles, and dimensions.  Aftermarket fiberglass and/or carbon fiber replacement panels are allowed.  All body panels must be factory style.  No 1 piece bodies or full composite front ends.  Must have separate detachable hood and hood must be used.   Aftermarket wings and spoilers are permitted.   Forward facing hood scoops/turbo or supercharger inlets are permitted. Beam trippers, extenders prohibited.

Must have factory style dash and door panels. (Aftermarket replacement fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber allowed). Carpet may be omitted for safety. Factory floor pan on driver and passenger side required. Must have factory transmission tunnel.  Aftermarket steering column permitted.

OEM glass or lexan windows are permitted.

Stock chassis and frame rails must be retained from shock tower to the rear wheel opening (notching permitted). Back halved cars are not permitted. Front core support may be modified or removed. Aftermarket bolt-on replacement front K-members/sub frames are allowed. Front shocks must be in factory location.  Shock tower can be notched or trimmed but must be in factory location.  Firewall may be modified but must be factory.  Bolt in style front ends allowed.  Factory wheelbase must be maintained.  No round tube frames or race car 4-links allowed.

Mufflers or inserts are required on all cars except for turbo cars. Exhaust may exit underneath car or out the front fenders but must not affect timing or staging beams.

Stock style, ladder bar or torque arm suspension cars only. Aftermarket four links are prohibited on all cars. Aftermarket replacement components such as: front control arms, rear control arms, front coil over shocks, and rear coil over shocks are permitted. Rear suspension may be moved to accommodate tire clearance and does not need to be mounted in stock location. Wheelie bars prohibited.

Any ignition or efi system on all combos. Boost controller legal. N2O controllers legal.  Traction control legal. Data logging allowed.   No optical devices. Must have working headlights and taillights. Any charging system legal.


Any automatic or manual transmission allowed


Any race fuel, ethanol or alcohol.  No Nitro


Base weights

SBNA 2500

BBNA 3000

SBN20 2900

BBN20 3200

SB BOOST(Small block only)

Blower(single blower limited to F1R or equivalent)

F1/equivalent or smaller 2950

F1A/F1A-94/YSI/6-71 or equivalent  3050

F1C/F1C-94/8-71 or equivalent 3150

F1R/F1C 10.5/XI/10-71 or equivalent 3250

Small block Turbo(single turbo limited to 88mm)(Twin turbo limited to 62mm max)

67mm and below 2900 -100lbs cast wheel

68-72mm 3000 -100lbs cast wheel

73-76mm 3100 -100lbs cast wheel

77-82mm 3200 -100lbs cast wheel

83-88mm (no billet wheels) 3150 cast wheel only

Twin 62mm 3250

* No billet wheels on any turbo larger than 82mm  **Billet wheels allowed on twin turbo combos.  Turbocharger size will be verified by go no go gauge.  Stepped or clipped compressor wheel prohibited.  Surge holes/slots are ok.


***CID limits are same but allowing over the limit with weight penalty. SB 440 limit with 458" max 7lbs per CID over 440. BB 598 with max of 618" 7lbs per CID over 598.

-50 Mickey Thompson (3052)

+100lbs  Mickey ET street SS radials

-50 Air to Air or Non Intercooled (Race gas only)

-50 Blow through carb

-50 Belt driven centrifugal supercharger(no break for cog style, ribbed belt only)

-50 leaf springs

-50 for small block Boosted factory valve angle heads(20*Ford, 23*Chevy, 15*LS  18*Mopar, Modular, BOP/AMC)

-50 Iron headed combos (NA or N20)

-50 4150 Carb (NA or N20)

-50 Single carb, cast manifold NA combo

***-100 Big block under 525"

***-100 Big block BOP/AMC/Mopar

-100 for small block NA and N20 factory valve angle heads(20*Ford, 23*Chevy, 15*LS  18*Mopar, Modular, BOP/AMC)  

-200 6 cylinder

-800 4 cylinder



Foggers allowed on small blocks No fogger setup allowed below 2800# after weight breaks. Not allowed on BOP/M and BB

Small block Nitrous allowed Pro8.5/235 tires +100lbs

***Can’t have a fogger and a plate both in use.

Any single carb or throttle body allowed. Sheetmetal intake allowed on Small block Nitrous

Aftermarket cast iron/aluminum blocks ok(No billet), any cast heads ok on small blocks(No billet)

Any engine with more than 456 ci will run under big block rules Over 440” 7lbs per inch over

Big blocks MAX deck height(10.2 Chevy, 10.3 Ford, 10.7 Mopar, Any BOP  No billet) 599 MAX CI and conventional heads only(We will refer to X275 accepted list of heads for reference of acceptable heads)

Big blocks no sheet metal intakes allowed, only cast, commercially available(may be modified runners must be cast)

Big blocks allowed any single stage plate system (If in question must have approval)  May have one fuel and one N2O solenoid max on carb applications. EFI allowed dry/wet plate kit or 2 nozzles with 1 N20 solenoid max.  Foggers can be installed on car but must be capped before tech.

May have an inline single purge solenoid which must exit away from intake

Nitrous controllers allowed.  Water injection legal.  No cold boxes etc.

Single line only from N20 bottle to N20 solenoid and must have a single line that's 12" MINIMUM of -4an line with -4an fittings MAX entering N20 solenoid. Nano or other pressure regulating systems are allowed. Only a single N20 bottle may be mounted and hooked to n20 feed line.

-4 line I.D. of  .230 max
-4 fitting I.D. of .160 max  ***A spec line can be purchased from MW8.5RA


BOOSTED(SMALL BLOCK ONLY)(No N20 any boosted combo except 4cyl)

Aftermarket cast iron/aluminum blocks ok (No billet/exception 4cy), any cast heads ok (No billet/exception 4cy)

Budget sheet metal intakes allowed on boosted combos example Holley Sniper, Symbol ect.

Max ci 440

Single carb or throttle body allowed

No sheet metal intakes allowed, only cast commercially available(may be modified runners must be cast). Custom elbow ok

Methanol injection legal

Forward facing turbo/blower legal

Gear drive for blower legal

No reducers

Any Intercooler allowed



Must be naturally aspirated

Aftermarket cast iron/aluminum blocks ok (no billet)

No CI limit

Any heads

Any intake

Multiple carb/throttle body legal



Must be naturally aspirated

Aftermarket cast iron/aluminum blocks ok (no billet)(Max 10.2 deck Chevy, 10.3 Ford, 10.7 for Mopar, any BOP)

632 MAX CI

Any heads

Any intake

Multiple carb/throttle body legal

*****All cars will be teched at their first race appearance. After, cars will be teched randomly to ensure compliance with the rules. 

*****Cars will be weighed randomly or if there is a challenge voiced by another racer also before the Final (and possibly semi-final) of each race. Cars can be required to weigh at any time, please be prepared. Weigh-ins will typically happen before the pass is made.

 If found in violation of rules(that are considered to gain an unfair advantage) a one race suspension will be put in place. 2nd offense removal from series for rest of season.

******The second chance ladder will be created by drawing names from a hat for simplicity and excitement! 


LEGALITY OF ANY CAR IS THE DECISION OF THE RACE/TECH DIRECTOR.                                                                               



 Points payout is as followed(You must be a MW8.5RA member to receive points)
1st $1000
2nd $500
3rd $300
4th $200
5th $100
Points Rules:
-We will use your top 7 out of 9 race totals.  If a race is cancelled we will drop that number to 6 out of 8 and so on.  You will be allowed to drop your 2 lowest point totals
-You must be an MW8.5RA member to receive points.  If you do not already have a permanent number one will be assigned to you.
You must run the same car number in each points race. Car numbers are how we keep track of who has earned how many points. If you don’t have the same car number you signed up with, you won’t get the points. If there is another car with the same number at a points race and a track official changes your number, please see the race director or points person to ensure you will still get your points for that race.
Either the driver or the car must match the MW8.5RA registered number in order for points to be awarded.  A member can drive a different car in a race other than the one registered as long as that other car meets MW8.5RA rules.  A different driver may race a member’s car and registered number.  A different driver may not race a different car using a member’s number.
There can be no switching drivers or switching cars once a racer has made their first qualifying pass.   

IS Induction Solutions Points

How Points are awarded:
5 points for tech card purchase
5 points for each round win
2 points for ET record(Only at end of each race) 
2 points for MPH record(Only at end of each race)
1 point for each completed pass during qualifying (this point will not be given if the qualifying session is interrupted and not completed)
5 points for #1 qualifier for the weekend
4 points for #2 qualifier for the weekend
3 points for #3 qualifier for the weekend
2 points for #4 qualifier for the weekend
1 point for #5 qualifier for the weekend


Tile and Stone Warehouse 2nd Chance

2nd Chance Points

2.5 points each round win




Protest for CID $300. (If racer is illegal $100 to MW8.5RA and $200 to protester if legal $100 to MW8.5RA and $200 to racer)